What is a fanlisting?

"A fanlisting is simply an online listing of fans of a subject, such as a TV show, actor, or musician, that is created by an individual and open for fans from around the world to join. There are no costs, and the only requirements to join a fanlisting are your name and country."
Courtesy of thefanlistings.org.

This fanlisting is for episode 8.12 of the MGM science fiction TV show Stargate: SG-1, titled 'Prometheus Unbound'. The layout features Claudia Black as Vala Mal Doran and Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson, and was made from DVD screen captures using PowerDVD, Adobe Photoshop, Notepad and Mozilla Firefox with IE Tab. It is configured for 1024x768 screen resolution, so if there are any problems in other browsers or resolutions, please do let me know! I do not own the episode or the original images used in the layout and codes, but the coding is all mine. No copyright infringement is intended, this is just a fan site.

About the Episode

'Prometheus Unbound' is the twelfth episode of the eighth season of Stargate: SG-1, in which General Hammond, Daniel Jackson and the crew of the Prometheus embark upon a rescue mission to learn what has happened to the Atlantis expedition previously dispatched, as they have not been heard from since their departure. En route, the crew detect a distress call coming from a cargo ship and stop to investigate the call and rescue any survivors or salvage the ship if there are no people aboard. During their attempt, a Goa'uld super-soldier ambushes the crew, having lured them there by use of the distress call, and transports everyone but Daniel onto the cargo ship. He is left unconscious, to awaken tied to a chair on the bridge while the soldier learns the workings of the Prometheus. Subsequently, he learns that the apparent super-soldier is no Goa'uld but a human woman, a former host named Vala Mal Doran. She attempts, unsuccessfully, to seduce him, and lies to him, telling him that she needs his ship to save her people... not entirely accurate.