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 Actresses: Baccarin, Morena  Actresses: Black, Claudia  Actresses: McDonnell, Mary  Actresses: Moss, Carrie-Anne  Characters: TV: Stargate Atlantis: Lorne, Evan  Characters: TV: Stargate: SG-1: Teal'c  Episodes: Stargate SG-1: 02.16 - The Long Goodbye  Episodes: Stargate SG-1: 03.06 - The Real World  Episodes: Stargate: Atlantis: 01.17 - Letters From Pegasus  Episodes: Stargate: SG-1: 02.02 - In the Line of Duty  Episodes: Stargate: SG-1: 05.21 - Meridian  Fan Works: General: Fanfiction: Femmeslash/Shoujo-Ai/Yuri 

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