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A fanlisting is a list of people worldwide who are fans of a certain subject. You don't have to have a website to join-- all you need is a valid email address. This is the fanlisting for the character Stella Bonasera of the CBS crime drama CSI: NY, and it is the only fanlisting listed at The Fanlistings Network for its subject. The fanlisting belongs to and is administered by Trialia, and has existed since the 23rd May, 2005. The layout was made using screen captures from the episodes Three Generations Are Enough and Til Death Do We Part, found via the Cap_It community and edited using Adobe Photoshop 7. The script used for the member list is PHPFanBase. Fonts used are Trebuchet MS, AlphaMack AOE and 04b_11.

About Stella

A CSI and Detective Second Grade with the New York Metropolitan Police Department, Stella Bonasera is a "half Greek, half Italian and all New York" woman with a refreshingly forthright, confident attitude that can often verge on stubbornness. She doesn't suffer fools gladly, and has four complaints on her record (two from subsequently-convicted felons).

She was born in 1975; her mother, a restoration artist from Thessaloniki, died in a traffic accident in New York City after visiting the country for an exhibit with her daughter when Stella was two years old. She grew up primarily in St. Basil's Orphanage in the city, followed by foster care. She left the orphanage at the age of eighteen. She never knew either of her parents, though her father may have been Professor Kosta Papakota, who knew and loved her mother, and spent a great deal of time with her as a child and teenager. She and Detective Mac Taylor, her boss at the NYPD crime lab, have worked together for more than ten years (as of late season five) and are extremely close to each other.

Stella began her career in law enforcement as a patrol officer, followed by working Narcotics out of Brooklyn North precinct. Her badge number is 8946. She has done guest lectures in forensic science in addition to her work as a CSI.

She is portrayed by Greek-American actress Melina Kanakaredes, who won a Scream Award for her acting in the show in 2006 and was nominated again in 2007.