Track Listings

The Matrix

1. Marilyn Manson: Rock Is Dead
2. Propellerheads: Spybreak! (Short One)
3. Ministry: Bad Blood
4. Rob D: Clubbed To Death (Kurayamino Mix)
5. Meat Beat Manifesto: Prime Audio Soup
6. Lunatic Calm: Leave You Far Behind
7. Prodigy: Mindfields
8. Rob Zombie: Dragula (Hot Rod Herman Remix)
9. Deftones: My Own Summer (Shove It)
10. Hive: Ultrasonic Sound
11. Monster Magnet: Look To Your Orb For The Warning
12. Rammstein: Du Hast
13. Rage Against The Machine: Wake Up!

The Matrix: Reloaded (2 discs)

1. Linkin Park: Session
2. Marilyn Manson: This Is The New Shit
3. Rob Zombie: Reload
4. Rob Dougan: Furious Angels (Instrumental)
5. Deftones: Lucky You
6. Team Sleep: The Passportal
7. P.O.D.: Sleeping Awake
8. ÜnLoco: Bruises
9. Rage Against The Machine: Calm Like A Bomb
10. Oakenfold: Dread Rock
11. Fluke: Zion
12. Dave Matthews Band: When The World Ends (Oakenfold Remix)

1. Don Davis: Main Title
2. Don Davis: Trinity Dream
3. Juno Reactor feat. Gocoo: Teahouse
4. Rob Dougan: Château
5. Don Davis feat. Juno Reactor: Mona Lisa Overdrive
6. Juno Reactor versus Don Davis: Burly Brawl
7. Don Davis: 'Matrix Reloaded' Suite

The Matrix: Revolutions

1. Don Davis: Matrix Revolutions Main Title
2. Juno Reactor & Don Davis: The Trainman Cometh
3. Juno Reactor & Don Davis: Tetsujin
4. Pale 3: In My Head
5. Don Davis: The Road To Sourceville
6. Don Davis: Men In Metal
7. Don Davis: Niobe's Run
8. Don Davis: Woman Can Drive
9. Don Davis: Moribund Mifune
10. Don Davis: Kidfried
11. Don Davis: Saw Bitch Workhorse
12. Don Davis: Trinity Definitely
13. Don Davis: Neodämmerung
14. Don Davis: Why, Mr Anderson?
15. Don Davis: Spirit Of The Universe
16. Juno Reactor versus Don Davis: Navras