Origin was Evanescence's first release on the Big-Wig Enterprises label. It was published November 4, 2000 - at a show featuring Evanescence, Living Sacrifice, Squad 5-0 and two other bands at the Little Rock River Market Pavillion (Arkansas). The limited-edition CD (only 2500 copies were issued) unfortunately now is out of print. However, due to the band's recent popularity, the number of overpriced and pirated versions of Origin have sky-rocketed. Evanescence has been reported to say that they prefer their fans to copy/download the CD rather than buy it. They also prefer it to be considered a "dressed up" demo CD rather than their debut album.

Evanescence rerecorded three songs from this album for their more widespread album Fallen. While "Whisper" and "My Immortal" are fundamentally the same on both albums, "Imaginary" exhibited a major change in structure between Origin and Fallen. In addition to these three songs, the band continued to play "Even in Death" in concert until late 2003. Originally this CD also had another track called "Listen to the Rain", which featured a choir and instrumentals - unfortunately it got cut from the final release. The tracklist:

  • Origin (Intro, instrumental)
  • Whisper (Different from the one in Fallen)
  • Imaginary (Different from the one in Fallen)
  • My Immortal (Piano only version, this is without the orchestral arrangements of Fallen)
  • Where Will You Go
  • Field Of Innocence
  • Even In Death
  • Anywhere
  • Lies
  • Away From Me
  • Eternal (Outro, instrumental)

Line Up:

Vocals: Amy Lee
Guitars: Ben Moody
And... David Hodges

William Boyd - bass on "Away From Me"
Bruce Fitzhugh - vocals on "Lies"
Stephanie Pierce - vocals on "Lies"
Suvi Petrajajvri, Sara Moore, Catherine Harris and Samantha Strong - female vocal ensemble on "Field Of Innocence"

Primary source: Wikipedia

Why a fanlisting?

I've loved Evanescence since before they even hit radar in my country (I was sent "Bring Me To Life" by an American friend prior to its British release) and so when I got the chance, naturally I downloaded whatever else I could find - though I do have a legal copy of Fallen - which included all the tracks from Origin, most of which are some of my favourites in their music catalogue. I prefer Origin to their later release Fallen because the former is a much darker, constructed collection, and a lot more deserving of the label "gothic" often given to the band themselves. I was delighted when Birgit emailed me to ask if I wanted to adopt the fanlisting for this album from her, as it's been on my fanlisting "wishlist" for a very long time.