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October Project

October Project
Release: Epic Records, 12 October 1993

01. Bury My Lovely
02. Ariel
03. Where You Are
04. A Lonely Voice
05. Eyes of Mercy
06. Return To Me
07. Wall of Silence
08. Take Me As I Am
09. Now I Lay Me Down
10. Always
11. Paths of Desire
12. Be My Hero

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Falling Farther In

Falling Farther In
Release: Epic Records, 19 September 1995

01. Deep As You Go
02. Something More Than This
03. Sunday Morning Yellow Sky
04. Adam and Eve
05. Johnny
06. Funeral In His Heart
07. After The Fall
08. One Dream
09. Dark Time
10. Falling Farther In
11. If I Could

Note: This is the last full release to feature Mary Fahl as leading vocalist before she left the group; after this, Marina Belica adopted that role.

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Release: Self-released, 2002

01. Return To Me
02. Always A Place
03. If I Turn Away

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Different Eyes

Different Eyes
Release: Self-released, 21 March 2003

01. The Mind's Eye
02. Long After Tomorrow
03. See With Different Eyes
04. If I Turn Away
05. Forget You
06. When The Wind Blows

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