Not For Your Ears

Sometimes referred to by Evanescence fans as "the album that doesn't exist", Not For Your Ears is an unofficial fan-made compilation of rare songs recorded by the band; some of the songs on the album might at first glance be mistaken for songs that are already featured on the "official" albums Origin and Fallen, but the songs themselves are alternate versions of those titles. In essence the CD is a collection of demo versions recorded throughout 2001 and 2002 with Amy Lee's "You" added in at the end. The album is also occasionally referred to as "Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 1, 2 & 3".

Track Listing

01. Whisper 2002
02. Everybody's Fool
03. Anything For You
04. Even In Death
05. Further Away
06. Imaginary
07. My Tourniquet
08. Taking Over Me
09. Haunted
10. Before The Dawn
11. Untitled (I Must Be Dreaming) correct title "Bleed"
12. Hello
13. Taking Over Me (Long)
14. Missing
15. Surrender
16. Bring Me To Life (Original)
17. Breathe No More
18. Forgive Me
19. You