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About the Episode

In the "A story" for the episode, Horatio befriends a mentally handicapped man, Eugene Walters, who is the only witness to a murder (hence the episode title). During the investigation, Eugene manages to provide the team with a great deal of help, but after they've taken their suspect in for questioning, Eugene is found beaten within an inch of his life, it is presumed by one of the suspect's associates. He is rushed to the hospital, where, when Horatio arrives to check on him, the nurses outside Eugene's room confess to the Lieutenant that he's not going to make it. Horatio goes into Eugene's hospital room and promises that he'll find the man that beat him, because "partners look out for each other". By the time Horatio has returned and caught the man responsible, Eugene has gone. Horatio puts his badge on Eugene's chest, as a symbol of his regard, and proceeds to arrange a private funeral for the man, who would otherwise have been cremated by the county. This episode touched my heart, which is why I applied for the fanlisting for it.


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