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You have reached Belief, the fanlisting for the 1999 movie The Matrix. If you're a fan, please feel free to come in, look around and join! :) New members and related affiliates are always welcome.



‹› Listed The Fanlistings Network, Tragic Adoration
‹› Category Movies
‹› Subject The Matrix (1999)
‹› Owner Trialia
‹› Approved 25th May 2009
‹› Last updated: 14th June 2019
‹› Member count: 58, from 19 countries
‹› Pending members: 0
‹› Newest members: Doctorsidrat
‹› Growth rate: 0.02 fans/day
‹› Script used: Enthusiast



 Actresses: Moss, Carrie-Anne  Albums: Soundtracks: The Matrix  Albums: Soundtracks: The Matrix Reloaded  Albums: Soundtracks: The Matrix Revolutions  Movies: The Matrix Reloaded  People Miscellany: People: Women: Canadian 

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