Let Go

Let Go is the first album from Canadian singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne, released in June 2002 on the Arista label. Avril was just 17 years old at the time of its release, a teenager who grew up in Napanee, Ontario; the song My World references her hometown.

The album was the third best-selling album of 2002 in the United States, selling well over 3,000,000 copies by December of that year. In Australia it was the tenth best-selling album of 2002 and the third best-selling of 2003. In the United Kingdom, it was the twelfth best-selling album of 2003. It was certified double platinum (two million copies shipped) by the Recording Industry Association of America by the end of 2002, and by April 2003, six times platinum. The British Phonographic Industry has certified the album five times platinum to date. It was certified seven times platinum by the Australian Recording Industry Association, and diamond by the Canadian Recording Industry Association, both in 2003. There are thirteen tracks to most copies of the album, with an added fourteenth track on the Japanese edition.

Avril set several records with this album; she became the youngest female solo artist ever to reach number one on the British chart, also reaching number one on the album charts in Australia, Argentina, Canada, Japan and New Zealand. It also reached the top ten in Austria, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States Billboard Top 200 charts. Let Go won Best Album at the 2002 Billboard Music Awards, followed by, in 2003, Best Pop Album and Best Album of the Year at the Juno Awards, Best Album at the Brasil Music Awards, Rock & Pop Album of the Year at the Japan Golden Disc Awards, and a Gold Disc Award Hong Kong for the top 10 albums of that year.
Further sales figures for the album can be found here.

Track Listing

01 • Losing Grip (Lavigne/Magness) • 3:53
02 • Complicated (Lavigne/The Matrix) • 4:03
03 • Sk8er Boi (Lavigne/The Matrix) • 3:23
04 • I'm With You (Lavigne/The Matrix) • 3:42
05 • Mobile (Lavigne/Magness) • 3:31
06 • Unwanted (Lavigne/Magness) • 3:40
07 • Tomorrow (Lavigne/Frasca/Breer) • 3:48
08 • Anything But Ordinary (Lavigne/The Matrix) • 4:10
09 • Things I'll Never Say (Lavigne/The Matrix) • 3:43
10 • My World (Lavigne/Magness) • 3:26
11 • Nobody's Fool (Lavigne/Zizzo) • 3:56
12 • Too Much To Ask (Lavigne/Magness) • 3:44
13 • Naked (Lavigne/Frasca/Breer) • 3:28
14 • Why (Lavigne/Zizzo) • 3:59 [Japanese bonus track]