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Actresses | Authors/Writers | Producers/Directors: Day, Felicia [crosslisted] Actresses | Authors/Writers: Lilly, Evangeline [crosslisted] Actresses | Directors/Producers: Barrymore, Drew [crosslisted] Actresses | Directors/Producers: Kanakaredes, Melina [crosslisted] Actresses | Directors/Producers: Tapping, Amanda [crosslisted] Actresses | Musicians: Female: de Pablo, Cote Actresses | Musicians: Female: Jovovich, Milla [crosslisted] Actresses | Musicians: Female: Menzel, Idina [crosslisted] Actresses | Musicians: Female: Rossum, Emmy [crosslisted] Actresses | Musicians: Female: Wong, Faye Actresses: Adams, Amy Actresses: Baccarin, Morena Actresses: Benson, Amber Actresses: Black, Claudia Actresses: Blanchett, Cate Actresses: Bonham Carter, Helena Actresses: Carpenter, Charisma Actresses: Clarke, Melinda 'Mindy' Actresses: Curtis, Jamie Lee Actresses: Dunst, Kirsten Actresses: Dushku, Eliza Actresses: Fanning, Dakota Actresses: Fanning, Elle Actresses: Foster, Jodie Actresses: Fox, Jorja Actresses: Gellar, Sarah Michelle Actresses: Gillan, Karen Actresses: Hannigan, Alyson Actresses: Higginson, Torri Actresses: Jolie, Angelina Actresses: Kidman, Nicole Actresses: Kingston, Alex Actresses: Lansbury, Angela Actresses: Lawless, Lucy Actresses: McAdams, Rachel Actresses: McDonnell, Mary Actresses: Moss, Carrie-Anne Actresses: Page, Ellen Actresses: Perrette, Pauley Actresses: Pike, Rosamund Actresses: Ricci, Christina Actresses: Richardson, Miranda Actresses: Roberts, Julia Actresses: Smith, Maggie Actresses: Staite, Jewel Actresses: Tyler, Liv Actresses: Watson, Emma Actresses: Weaver, Sigourney Actresses: Winslet, Kate 

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