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what is a fanlisting?

A fanlisting is an online list of people who happen to be fans of a certain subject, such as a TV show, a website or a particular type of cat; they're created by individuals who are fans of the subject in question and opened for other people to join, where they can find other fans and their websites, or simply show their fandom by displaying a "code" button on their site if they have one. There is no cost to join: all you need to have to join is a name, a country and a valid email address. It doesn't even need to be your real name, though most fanlisting owners edit names given that contain numbers or obscenities, or which are not capitalised. The "official" fanlistings' link directory is The Fanlistings Network, where just one fanlisting for each subject is approved at any one time.

...and this fanlisting?

This fanlisting's subject is the real-life relationship between the cast members of Joss Whedon's "Firefly" television series and the movie sequel "Serenity", and is run by Trialia, who adopted it from its former owner, Hoppy, in July 2007. The site and its layout were created using Adobe Photoshop, Notepad and Mozilla Firefox with IE Tab; all codes were made and donated by Hoppy unless otherwise stated. The fanlisting was called "Big Damn Heroes" when Hoppy owned it and I kept the name because I felt it was perfect: its origin is in a line from the episode "Safe", but many "Firefly" fans view the cast as real-life heroes for all the kindness, generosity and humour they have shown in their dealings with us. :)