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A fanlisting is a website that lists fans of a certain subject all over the world. It doesn't cost anything to join and you don't need to have a website, just a valid email address. This is the only fanlisting listed at The Fanlistings Network for episode 2x16 (in screened order) of the SciFi Channel television show Stargate: Atlantis, titled The Long Goodbye.
The layout was made by Trialia with Notepad and Adobe Photoshop 6, using images from the episode found at Atlantica and the John/Elizabeth LiveJournal community. The fanlisting runs with Sasha's PHPFanBase script and is hosted on my domain. The layout image features actors Rachel Luttrell, Torri Higginson, Mitch Pileggi and Joe Flanigan in their roles as Teyla Emmagan, Dr. Elizabeth Weir, Col. Steven Caldwell and Lt. Col. John Sheppard.


The Long Goodbye, possibly the most eagerly-anticipated episode of Stargate: Atlantis' second season, is episode number 2x17 in filming order but was shown as 2x16, hence its listing in the TFL database.
Synopsis: The Atlantis team find two life-support pods floating in space. When they are brought back to the city, it is determined that the man and woman inside the pods are in suspended animation, very old and close to death. During the examination, the consciousness of the female, Phoebus, is transferred into the body of Dr. Weir. John Sheppard consents to Elizabeth/Phoebus' request that he take on the consciousness of her "husband", Thalan. By now completely under the control of the other consciousnesses, the two exchange a Phoebus-initiated kiss, but they then take out everyone in the room and begin on a cat-and-mouse chase of death: Thalan is not Phoebus' husband, he is her enemy and she is determined to kill him. In control of the leader of the Atlantis expedition, Phoebus/Elizabeth utilises any and all methods to find and attempt to kill Thalan/John, including stunning Major Lorne and injuring Ronon Dex so badly that Dr. Carson Beckett needs to operate immediately to save his life. However, one of the two has damaged a naquadah generator, forcing Beckett to work by torchlight. Having locked herself into a science lab deep in the city, Phoebus/Elizabeth threatens to vent halon gas into the area where three-quarters of the city's residents are confined and kill them all unless Thalan/John is found and she be allowed to witness his death or kill him herself. She watches through a security camera as Teyla Emmagan holds a gun on Thalan/John, counting down. Dr. Rodney McKay manages to override her command code from the 'Gate room, and in her fury, Phoebus/Elizabeth reminds them that she "can still kill Weir". Armed with a P-90, she heads down to where Teyla has Thalan/John bound at the wrists to kill him, since Teyla can't bring herself to do it. Thalan/John manages to stun Phoebus/Elizabeth with a Wraith stunner as she nears his apparently-unconscious body. The next scene opens on the infirmary, the following morning, as Elizabeth awakens. She and John lie in adjacent beds; he is doing something on a datapad when she opens her eyes, and he tells her that it took most of the night for Phoebus' consciousness to leave her body, "kicking and screaming". Only she and Beckett completely believe John is himself again. Col. Caldwell enters the room; during a short conversation, he tells them that the paperwork on this event will be interesting, "especially that kiss". He's smirking as he says it, evidently highly amused. As he leaves, John goes back to his datapad and Elizabeth, mortified, slides down in her bed as if trying to hide. The episode ends here.