Distance Unknown: the Final Fantasy V fanlisting

Final Fantasy V

Final Fantasy V, originally released on the Super Nintendo console, was later translated and re-released as half of Final Fantasy Anthology for the PlayStation. The game isn't as well-known as most of the later instalments in the series; it's been played by less people due to its lack of availability until recently, and as such its quality is frequently underestimated. The characters have ever-changing names dependent on which version you play-- Reina (aka Rena/Lenna), princess of Tycoon; Galuf, an elderly amnesiac man; Faris, a pirate with a mysterious past; Bartz (aka Butz), an evasive, wandering traveller, and Krile (aka Cara/Kururu) Baldesion, orphaned princess of Val are the main, playable characters. Also featured in FFV are characters that those who have played other Final Fantasy games may recognise in slightly different incarnations, including the engineer Cid. There are even chocobos, so if you haven't played it, do-- you're missing out! ^_^

Distance Unknown

A fanlisting is a site which allows fans of a particular subject to show their appreciation for said subject, only requiring a name, country and a valid email address to join a listing. This fanlisting is owned and administered by Trialia. It has existed since its approval by TheFanlistings.org in August 2003, first hosted on Geocities, then on the expired domain sweetaurora.net and finally here. This is the third version of the fanlisting, with a layout featuring official images of Faris and Reina/Lenna. Version 1 of the fanlisting featured Reina, and version 2 used a promotional image of Krile.