a life decayed

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An album by Italian gothic metal band Lacuna Coil, Comalies was originally released October 8, 2002 on Century Media. In Cristina Scabbia's own words, "[during the album's recording], we had a sort of creative explosion and forgot everything else to concentrate on the album. We were working in a coma, sort of like in a different dimension. First of all we just wanted to use the word coma but there was something missing so we played with the two words coma and lies." Comalies peaked at #178 on the Billboard 200 and peaked at #9 on Heatseekers and Independent charts in the United States. [The preceding from Wikipedia.org.]

Track Listing & Lyrics

01 Swamped
02 Heaven's A Lie
03 Daylight Dancer
04 Humane
05 Self Deception
06 Aeon
07 Tight Rope
08 The Ghost Woman and the Hunter
09 Unspoken
10 Entwined
11 The Prophet Said
12 Angel's Punishment
13 Comalies