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Carrie-Anne Moss

Born on August 21st, 1967, Carrie-Anne, a native of Vancouver, Canada, was named after the Hollies' song of the same name, though she almost ended up with the name "Jenny Rebecca"... She has one sibling, a younger brother who runs a restaurant on Vancouver Island, and she is married to Steven Roy, also an actor. They have one son. Films in which she has appeared include Flashfire, New Blood, Memento, the Matrix trilogy, Red Planet, Chocolat, Sabotage, Lethal Tender and the North-American-only release Suspect Zero. More information can be found at what is quite possibly the largest fansite in existence dedicated to Carrie-Anne, The Moss Pit. After all... this is a fanlisting, not a fansite! :)

Ageless Perfection

This fanlisting is owned and administered by Trialia, who adopted it from Aredhel in the summer of 2004. The original member list and codes were lost during a server change by the fanlisting's former host, but this fanlisting was and is still one of my largest. It has gone through name changes over time, of course; its original name, before its removal from the Fanlistings Network, was Style; Aredhel called it Aesthete; and now it's titled Ageless Perfection. I am not officially associated or affiliated with Carrie-Anne in any way and I can't contact her; this is simply an unofficial website run by a fan. The current layout on this fanlisting is version three, featuring a greenish layout based on a screen capture from Sabotage that's been on my PC so long I don't remember its source, made using Notepad, Adobe Photoshop and Internet Explorer. It is also compatible with viewing in Mozilla Firefox. If you were a member of the fanlisting when it was manually run, please check your details in the database to make sure everything is correct. :)


A fanlisting is a list of fans of a particular subject from all around the world. All you need to join is a reasonable nickname and a valid email address. This is the only one listed at TFL for its subject, although the fanlisting that was removed from the network still exists, though it is no longer updated. Want to know more about fanlistings? Visit The Fanlistings Network. :)