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Owner: Trialia [fan of me?]
Version: #12 - Lenne, Yuna and Lightning
Last (manual) update: 22nd January 2017
Current: 132
Upcoming: 1
Pending: 1
Joined: 944
First approval: 15th May 2003 - Final Fantasy V: Reina Charlotte Tycoon (Games: Game Characters)
Oldest remaining fanlisting: 23rd May 2003 - Final Fantasy V: Krile Maia Baldesion (Games: Game Characters)
Latest approval/adoption: Jillian Holtzmann (Characters: Book/Movie: Ghostbusters Series)
Latest opened/adopted fanlisting: Jillian Holtzmann (Ghostbusters Series) (Relationships: TV) [link]
Newest joined fanlisting: Academia: Miscellaneous: Words
Collective opened: 11th February 2004
Collective affiliates: 2
Total member count: 8669

What is a fanlisting...?

  As per The Fanlistings Network definition, a fanlisting is an online list of fans of a subject, such as a TV show, actor, or musician, that is created by an individual and open for fans from around the world to join. There are no costs, and the only requirements to join a fanlisting are your name and country. Fanlistings do not have to be large sites (although some are), they are just a place where you can sign up with other fans.

  I join and create fanlistings because I enjoy web and graphic design (I'm actually a qualified professional in the field, though I no longer work due to chronic health issues), I'm very passionate about my hobbies and interests and enjoy showing my love for them, and I have fun sharing those interests with like-minded people; fanlistings are a good way to find such people and their websites, if they have any.

  I sometimes find it difficult to explain to people who don't know anything about fanlistings why I enjoy participating in the fanlisting community as much as I do, but hopefully, if you're here, you may be one of those people - if you are, please do check out my list of current fanlistings and join if you share any of my interests!

...and a fanlisting collective?

  Very much "as it says on the tin": a website that collects all the fanlistings of a certain type or, in this case, owned by a certain individual, in one place. This one belongs to me (obviously ;)), Trialia, of unfaithful-mirror.net, joyunending.net, next-crisis.org and frell-that.com.

  I'm currently accepting affiliation for this site with other people who own fanlisting collectives, and I'm always willing to add people to my "keep-in-mind" list (a list of people who'll get first refusal if I ever choose to give up any of my fanlistings), so please, if you're interested in either of these, do feel free to get in touch with me at tragic.adoration(at)techie(dot)com (spam-protected; please edit accordingly) or on Twitter (@trialia), and I will get back to you as soon as I'm able.

former editions

Version 1 - three libras: Amy Lee of Evanescence and Louise Rhodes of Lamb, in light green, with lyrics from A Perfect Circle's 3 Libras.
Version 2 - summoner: Fanart of Rydia from Final Fantasy IV, in dark green.
Version 3 - the storm: Stargate Atlantis characters John Sheppard, Elizabeth Weir, Rodney McKay and Acastus Kolya, in purple, blue and red.
Version 4 - my hedonistic worldview: Orange, gold and black, featuring personal photographs of a June sunset from a hilltop in my home town.
Version 5 - secret santa: A donated layout in blue, lavender and white, featuring Carrie-Anne Moss.
Version 6 - classic elegance: Angelina Jolie and Morena Baccarin, both made-up in elegant fashion with dark red lipstick, in a peach and burgundy theme.
Version 7 - sepia skies: An overlay of clouds and trees on a sepia colour scheme.
Version 8 - fireworks: Lines of light from fireworks and sparklers against the night, overlaid with darkest blues, themed against light shades of blue.
Version 9 - epiphanies: Mary McDonnell as Laura Roslin from Battlestar Galactica (2003), seated in a garden with a complementary colour scheme of soft greens.
Version 10 - empty corners of the evening: Deep purples and blacks, featuring Amanda Tapping as Sanctuary's Helen Magnus.
Version 11 - simplicity flowering: Dark and light blue shades, featuring Torri Higginson, ChloŽ Annett, Amanda Tapping, Michelle Dockery, Alex Kingston and Cote de Pablo.


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